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Rocking up to David Lloyds in Raynes Park on a Sunday morning to attend the Totally Shredded Instructors Training Course, I met Dean Heitman (the creator of Totally Shredded) and was a little in awe as had been following him on Facebook. I then spent the day having my ass kicked with this awesome program. There was a moment in that course when we were having a “face off” and I was there giving it my all with all the other awesome instructors including my gorgeous friend Katrina Webb; with Dean MCing and I was thinking, this is mental, fitness programs cant get much better than this, at that moment; I was totally in my element. I started teaching this program in Esher in September and its going strong, I absolutely love it. Classes are now buzzing and its just a pleasure to teach. I have even roped the other half into it as the beauty of this program is that the fellas can join in with this one without having to worry about breaking into a twerk………well………..unless I am feeling evil! 😉




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