The Jungle Body Mega Class in Derby hosted by Steph Fitzpatrick

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On 30th October I set off on route to Derby to dance with the lovely Steph Fitzpatrick and her crazy Jungle Body Crew. I managed to drag my 13 year old daughter Nicole with me for abit of company much to her dismay. Typical teenager spent the whole journey either on her phone or asleep, great co-pilot! Left nice and early as after my last visit there, the drive took me 6.5 hours and nearly missed the class so made sure this time I left with plenty of time to spare. Good plan as arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed after only a 2 hour 45 min drive.

Whilst waiting to be able to check into the hotel I managed to get abit of CARography in (practising routines in the car) much to the amusement of passers-by, my daughter was sinking further into her seat at this point 100% regretting her decision to give into my constant whining about her coming with me as if she loved me she would come, right? Haha!

Anyway checked in, chilled out for abit, had a power sleep, got ready, jumped back in the car to leave for the class, car wouldn’t start!??? Arggggghhhhhh had been so organised up to that point, panic mode set in! When doing the CARography earlier must have left the stereo on which drained the battery, note to self: BUY JUMP LEADS! After a quick call to Steph, her fabulous boyfriend came to my rescue.

Finally arrived at the venue, it looked amazing. Lots of eager participants already there and the DJ was ready to rock it out, so exciting. Steph is fabulous at arranging these, don’t think I have ever met anyone quite so organised and so prepared despite have a million and one things going on, she really is a true pro. Mega Class kicked off and got through TYGA, KONGA, VYPA and JAGUA, such a great evening with everyone giving their all. This is only the second time I have danced alongside Steph on stage with no rehearsals yet again we were in sync and both whooping at the same time, love her as she is a fellow hardcore addict!

Headed back to the hotel and seeing as there was a KFC on our doorstep, would have been rude not to have nipped in for a side salad………………………………….yeah right, figured after a 90 minute Jungle Body Sweat Fest I had earned a cheat meal, and a cheat meal it certainly was!

Big thank you to Steph and her crew for making me feel so welcome and look forward to hopefully catching up in January.

We have our own Jungle Body Mega Class happening on Saturday 28th November from 1pm to 2:30pm at Hersham Village Hall, Queens Road, Hersham. Come and join us, £7 per person. Experience four of the Jungle Body programs in one class.

Hope to see you there


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