Hi my name is Sara Petit; I am 38 years old and a mum of two.

Growing up I had attended the odd fitness class but was never disciplined enough to attend on a regular basis. My sister in law dragged me to a Zumba class back in 2010 and I was instantly hooked, I could not wait for the next class and attended every week without fail. I loved it so much that I then decided to train as a Zumba Instructor. I started running my own classes and that’s how I met Carly. She was also a natural so I approached her to see if she would be interested in training as an instructor.

I then discovered The Jungle Body early 2013. The creator of the program Tara Simich was visiting the UK for the first time to run an Instructors Course and invited me to attend. I was lucky enough to train with the best and fell in love with this program. I passed the instructors course in March 2013 and became a UK Jungle Body Ambassador in June 2013. I am now qualified in all five programs. I have ran various UK Instructors workshops and presented the programs at various Fitness Weekends/Conventions and am proud to do so. These programs are amazing, easy to follow and yet so effective.

At 38 I feel the fittest I have ever been and at last can say I am comfortable in my own skin. It has given me confidence, helped me greatly with my anxiety issues and keeps me fit, healthy and alert.

So together Carly and I run Calasara Fitness and teach various fitness programs s in Surrey. We are also working with various gyms and leisure centres.