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November News

Hi Everyone So we are nearing the end of the year with only 6 weeks until Christmas! Eeeeeeeek!Time to up our game ready for those Festive parties. What an amazing year it’s been so far. Kicking off the year presenting The Jungle Body at Fit jam Alton Towers in January 2017. Classes were EPIC, and…
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Mash It Up Launch Class!

What is MIU (Mash It Up) Fitness?

Mash It Up Fitness it’s a dancehall fitness class for everyone!
Mash It Up Fitness uses dancing as a way to make you come alive and stay lean. MIU is a new dance fitness concept that has taken Europe by storm. It’s a new era of dance bringing authentic Jamaican Dancehall and fitness routines together to create a low impact but high energy workout that will keep you charged and glowing. The moves are broken down and separated into sections, so that the student learns the moves progressively with ease, which is then put together at the end to form a full choreography!
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Join Carly every Thursday to explore everything your body needs to feel revitalised and pumped up in a way you have never felt before.

Every Thursday - 7PM

LJA Academy

63 The Broadway, KT17 2HP EpsomMake sure you bring plenty of water and a sweat towel.

£6 per person

Merry Christmas!

Less than two weeks till Christmas...

... and classes are winding down, so we just want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that have attended our classes and supported us this year. You’re all amazing!

2017 will see a change in time table. We will be closing classes at Tudor Hall – Kingston, St Johns Parish Hall – Kingston and Tolworth Recreation Centre, however we are both launching new classes at Fitness4Less  in New Malden so watch out for these.

We would just like to wish you all a fabulous Christmas and look forward to welcoming you all back in the New Year and this is for you:
To all you fine people
Who rock up to classes
With your coins and your notes
Or your 10 class passes
From the quiet newbie
To the rowdy masses
Who pump, squat, dance, jump
And twerk those fine asses
We express profound thanks
Ladies, gents, lads and lasses!
Through KONGA®through Zumba®
Through Totally Shredded®
(And soon Mash It Up Fitness®!)
We have lovingly threaded
A Calasara community
Where no work out is dreaded

But a zest for our best
Is mutually embedded
And a collaborative mindset
Keeps us all level headed!

So we toast one and all
To show our gratitude
Because YOU guys make it happen
Because YOU lift our mood
With the passion, support
And the sweat you exude

You rock up and stock up
On that "Go Hard" attitude
And through it all
So many great friends we've accrued

(By Carly Linnecor)


Just a reminder that our prices will increase slightly in the New Year to £6 per person for all Calasara Fitness classes (with exception to the Leisure Centres as they have their own costs). Our 10 Class Cards will increase to £50 and these can be used at any Calasara Class (except those we run in the Leisure Centres).
*Please note that 10 Class Cards can still be purchased at £45 at each class up until the last class dates this year.
Love from Carly & Sara xxxx

October News

October Newsletter

Well we are now winging our way swiftly to the end of the year and before we know it Christmas will be on top of us.

Here at Calasara Fitness we have had a very busy few months. We have now launched Totally Shredded classes and been asked to do some taster sessions at local Leisure Centres and we are looking for appropriate venues to launch Mash It Up Fitness.

We presented at FitJAM Birmingham on 15th and 16th October which was amazing! This was a new launch there for them and we were blown away with the response we had to The Jungle Body’s KONGA & VYPA Classes. We met some awesome people and it was great to meet up with some fellow instructors and of course some of the other TJB Tribe. We also managed to take part in both Mash It Up Sessions with the creator Alicja Blachut and to try other classes so it was a full on weekend but we loved every minute.

The New Year will see some changes to our timetable and possibly new classes at Leisure Centres but we will keep you posted as soon as these are confirmed. Unfortunately Sara’s Tudor Hall Class will close at the end of the year but there will be new classes being launched.

We will also be presenting KONGA at FitJAM Alton Towers in January so cannot wait for that!

We will be having a Calasara Fitness Christmas get together on Friday 2nd December but will release more details over the next month.

So time to get focused and get back to class and ready for those festive frocks 😉

Carly & Sara xxx

Summer Is Over!

Looking forward to welcoming everyone back after the Summer Holidays, hope you have all had an amazing Summer and spent some quality time with family, friends and loved ones. Now its time to get back on track as before we know it Christmas........arrrrggggghhh........will be upon us and we will be getting invites here there and everywhere for those festive frolics 😉

The Jungle Body Mash Up Class at Tudor Hall, Kingston relaunched on Wednesday 7th September and all classes are back in full swing!

From the 12th September the Monday evening Zumba class at The Malden Centre will be changing to The Jungle Body's KONGA 8.30-9.30pm. Contact the centre on 0208 336 7770 to book your space.

Carly has been training in the new amazing dancehall program Mash It Up and Saraattended the Totally Shredded Training Course last Sunday so hoping to bring you some new classes in the not so distant future.

We are presenting The Jungle Body at Fit Jam in Birmingham on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October 2016. If anyone wants to book onto this amazing event (a weekend full of various group fitness classes) then visit to book your place.
Look forward to seeing you in class.

Sara & Carly xx