MIU Fitness

Having qualified in Mash It Up last summer it has taken me some considerable time to gain the nerve to teach the dance fitness program to people because the dancehall style of movement is like no other I’ve encountered before!! My body has had to learn to move in ways it isn’t used to. To embrace the vibe and just completely let go is something many of us find difficult because the pressure of our everyday lives causes us to be up tight and rigid.

With Mash It Up, it isn’t about nailing the choreography to perfection, it is literally about falling in love with the rhythm, letting everything go, loosening up, being vocal, laugh, love, dance like no one is watching and above all, find yourself!!


Come and join me and the Mash It Up crew every Thursday night 7-8pm at LJA

Academy, Stoneleigh Broadway, Epsom for a low impact, high energy work out that is guaranteed to make you smile xxxxx

One Love xx

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