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November News

Hi Everyone So we are nearing the end of the year with only 6 weeks until Christmas! Eeeeeeeek!Time to up our game ready for those Festive parties. What an amazing year it’s been so far. Kicking off the year presenting The Jungle Body at Fit jam Alton Towers in January 2017. Classes were EPIC, and…
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lLast Sunday Totally Shredded

Awww a year from my taster class and this morning will be my last Sunday Totally Shredded as need one day off in the week to avoid burn out ?

Come and join me for the last Sunday class at 10.30am (you had an extra hours kip so no excuses ?), I will still be teaching Totally Shredded at LLC but on a Monday at 6pm ??

Fitness Fiesta at Camber Sands

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Back home from what has been one of the best weekends ever! Our first Fitness Fiesta at Camber Sands and have to say it was awesome (including the dodgy chalets lol – adds to the whole experience). Was totally privileged to be asked to attend as part of Team Shredded. I trained in this program (Totally Shredded) just over a year ago and launched my first class this time last year (thanks Emma Featherstone for the reminder) so today being able to share the stage with Dean and the rest of the team has totally blown me away.

We have to say a huge thank you to Dean Heitman and Stephanie Heitman for making us feel so welcome and being just the most friendly, genuine, down to earth people ever. They really are the #dreamteam! Thanks for kitting us out too.

Guys you need to get your hands on the new Totally Shredded merchandise, the leggings and tops are fabulous quality and seriously reasonable prices and look the nuts so get in touch with them to get yourselves kitted out for class.

Not forgetting the one and only Su Pettifor, mate you had us both in stitches all weekend. You’re a ledge! Think I may have to make FitFever 2018 my Hen Do ? Also Kyle Gillingham was great to be alongside you on stage too, you need to teach us those “kicks” LOL, you smashed it.

Watch out for new plans and events in store with these guys they are taking over, ripping up the fitness scene, exciting!!

Sara & Carly xxx

New Mash It Up Class at Hype Fitness

!!!Exciting News!!!

Carly is starting a new Mash It Up Class at Hype Fitness in Sutton this Wednesday 4th October 2017 at 7:30pm.

MASH IT UP Fitness is a new Dancehall class concept, it’s a low impact but high energy workout that will keep you charged and glowing. Feel the vibe and let it go!

Book your space online

HYPE Fitness’s live video

KONGA and BURN at Hype in Sutton this morning ?
Come join us Saturdays at 8.45am


Hi Everyone We have not been in touch for a while however have been busy organising our Calasara Fitness MEGAClass which is happening at the end of this month. We are in the studio next weekend to put together an AMAZING playlist for you. Come and join us for a 2 hour MEGAClass which will…
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Spring Newsletter

Can’t believe we are coming to the end of March already. Time to get focused and get to work on those Summer bodies.

We would like to welcome all the newbies that have recently joined us and hope you are enjoying classes. Please do come and chat to us at class if you have any questions etc or drop us a message.

We are excited to announce that Sara has now qualified in Fight Klub and is looking forward to launching classes soon. We will keep you posted. Also Carly will soon be qualified in Totally Shredded and we are hoping to organise a Masterclass with one of their Master Trainers.
Sara is currently running Totally Shredded Classes every Monday 8pm at King Georges Hall in Esher and
Sunday 10:30am at Leatherhead Leisure Centre.

Carly has now launched the fabulous and fun workout that is MIU Fitness. There has been amazing feedback from this class and it really is like no other class out there. It isn’t about nailing the choreography to perfection, it is literally about falling in love with the rhythm, letting everything go, loosening up, dance like no one is watching and above all, find yourself!! Go give it a try, guaranteed it will put a smile on your face.
Carly runs MIU Fitness classes every Thursday 7pm at LJA Academy, The Broadway, Epsom


Carly and Sara will be running a FREE Jungle Body Master Class at The Weald Sports Centre in Cranbrook, Kent on
Saturday 25th March at 8am
to 9:50am. Contact The Weald to book your space. Come and experience The Jungle Bodys KONGA, VYPA and JAGUA in one amazing class!

We just want to thank you all for your loyalty and commitment to our classes, you are all amazing!

Carly & Sara xxx


We are currently planning a Mega Class to take place in May/June on a Saturday which will be 3 hours of different classes including a special appearance from an awesome guest instructor who will be bringing her new “AMAZING” workout with her for you to try, exciting!

  • 45 minute - New workout and Guest Instructor (details with be announced when event released)
  • 45 minute – The Jungle Body KONGA Class
  • 45 minute – Totally Shredded Class
  • 45 minute – MIU Fitness Class

Further details will be released soon so keep your eye out for this.

MIU Fitness

Having qualified in Mash It Up last summer it has taken me some considerable time to gain the nerve to teach the dance fitness program to people because the dancehall style of movement is like no other I’ve encountered before!! My body has had to learn to move in ways it isn’t used to. To embrace the vibe and just completely let go is something many of us find difficult because the pressure of our everyday lives causes us to be up tight and rigid.

With Mash It Up, it isn’t about nailing the choreography to perfection, it is literally about falling in love with the rhythm, letting everything go, loosening up, being vocal, laugh, love, dance like no one is watching and above all, find yourself!!


Come and join me and the Mash It Up crew every Thursday night 7-8pm at LJA

Academy, Stoneleigh Broadway, Epsom for a low impact, high energy work out that is guaranteed to make you smile xxxxx

One Love xx


Having taught Totally Shredded for a good few months I received a phone call from the Fight Klub creator Troy. Was thinking OMG what have I done wrong! He had called for a catch up to see how things were going, I could not believe it. I was totally blown away. Since when does the creator of a program call you personally, how amazing is that. Anyway we were chatting about Fight Klub, something I always thought was a little out of my league having tried it at FitJAM even though I loved it. I was invited to attend a training course at Fight Klub HQ. Another WTF moment rocking up there and being trained by the main man himself. Dean and his lovely wife Stephanie were there too and their gorgeous daughter who was demonstrating press ups with ease! (runs in the family), and I was there thinking this has such a lovely feel about it, relaxed and no pressure unlike other courses you can attend and feel like your being assessed as soon as you walk in. Felt totally privileged to be there and learnt so much. I was then faced with filming and submitting my assessment and unlike Totally Shredded I couldn’t really do it with my class (a more professional approach), no I had to film it in my front room (proper amateur) and had my daughters ninja kitten video bombing me. Anyway I PASSED!!! Yay!!! Think the kitten swung it for me lol. I am so excited about bringing Fight Klub to the Surrey Massive! As soon as we have details of the launch etc we will let you know.

And to add to my excitement, my gorgeous partner in fitness, Carly Linnecor, is training up so we can bring more of these amazing classes to you.
BRING ON THE DRUM & BASS WORKOUT! Fight Klub and Totally Shredded in SURREY! BOOM!

Sara xxx

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New classes at Hype Fitness

So here it is guys and girls, we are now on the timetable at Hype Fitness with 6 classes a week.

This just adds to their current amazing timetable so come and check them out. You can pay as you go, get a class pass or become a member for unlimited classes ????

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