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I have been attending Carly's tuesday Zumba class for a couple of years now along with a good groups of friends .I am in awe of her enthusiasm, her energy and her absolute belief in every person who attends her class that they can do it and that they look amazing ( when we are definitely more Rhi-nanna than Rhianna ). Her total encouragement for us all is never waning. Even when i turn the wrong way or get the steps wrong, it adds to the fun and enjoyment of a fantastic hour of exercise. We are all a little bit in love with Carly and our graduation from hugging the back wall as newbies to being nearly front row as old timers, is testament indeed to our growing confidence. The music is infectious, the routines are not ridiculously difficult and the fact i love to go after being pretty much exercise phobic for years shows what a brilliant instructor she is. Although, will i EVER master "welly legs"? doubtful!

Jo Weeks,

I have been attending The Jungle Body classes now for a few years and it has to be said that both Sara and Carly are the best around.

They are both a very big asset to the brand and as ambassadors go Sara's the best in the country. The Jungle Body owns her a great dept of gratitude.


Well, what can I say about Sara and Carly? I think I have only known them for about 4 years but it seems like a lifetime!

I first went to a Calasara Zumba class on a cold Thursday night after being persuaded by a friend, not really knowing what to expect and worried I wouldn’t fit in, everyone would be looking at me and I wouldn’t have a clue what to do. How wrong could I have been!?
Everyone was so welcoming and friendly that I knew instantly that this was going to be great fun. I found a space in the hall and waited…. The music began and I felt my body start to move along to the beat – it was fantastic! And since that day I haven’t looked back!

Carly is not only a wonderful teacher she has also become one of my closest friends. Carly is so friendly, kind, welcoming and motivational that I really don’t know what I would do without her. You can’t help but want to join in on one of her classes as her energy and passion is written all over her face (plus all the sweat!)

Sara, well she is amazing, I am so in awe of her for all the work she does. Sara is one of those people that you could easily feel intimidated around(well just look at her) – but one meeting with her and you know you have nothing to worry about.
Sara is a fantastic woman juggling a full time job, two children ,being a Jungle Body UK Ambassador and constantly learning new routines that I don’t think superwoman could do more!.

So what are you waiting for? If you are thinking of joining a class – don’t think, just do!!

Nicola Clarence,

I started going to the Jungle Body class after I had my second baby and was suffering from serious jelly belly. My friend persuaded me to join her and I am so glad I did!
Calasara's class combines cardio with core strengthening and body toning. My arms have lost their flappy undercarriage and my butt is now slightly higher off the ground!
class is so much fun I even go despite also being a member of Nuffield gym!
This is because of
a) Carly and Sara's enthusiasm and energy
b) the dance moves and great "toons"
c) the all-over body workout.

I would highly recommend this class to anybody wanting a fun, high energy, physical exercise workout. Everybody is really friendly and the hour just whizzes by! At £5 a class it's great value too!

Julie McGuigan,

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